Pelion’s state-of-the-art technology enhances our ability to provide the highest level of service and expertise. Pelion’s integrated services support a full complement of retirement plans. Specializing in expert plan design, administration and consulting for qualified employee benefit plans.

Super 401(k) Plans

Super 401(k)sm offers an extensive list of investment options, with automated administration on a convenient and easy-to-use platform. The seamless, real time trading platform includes self-directed or advisor-directed trading with no transaction costs, access to independent investment advice, investment education, and automatic rebalancing.

Pelion provides participants access to a Self Directed Brokerage Option, paid for through an asset-based fee rather than transaction-based fees.  This saves money for participants who trade for their own account and eliminates the inherent conflict of interest for Advisors and Brokers that trade for their clients’ accounts.

When a plan sponsor chooses theSuper 401(k)sm platform for their corporate retirement plan they provide their participants access to more than 7,000 mutual funds, a Self Directed Brokerage Option and independent investment advice. It is Pelion opinion that giving participants control by providing them an extensive list of investment options to choose from will substantially reduce an employer’s liability, particularly if they have access to an independent investment advisor to assist them in making their investment selection.

Our institutional partners are able to offer participants both a broad array of investment options and investment advice through theSuper 401(k)sm platform.  Super 401(k)sm is:

A one-stop shop for investment advice, self directed brokerage accounts, and automated plan administration.
A platform providing extensive investment options with asset-based fee charges and no transaction costs.

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