Pelion’s state-of-the-art technology enhances our ability to provide the highest level of service and expertise. Pelion’s integrated services support a full complement of retirement plans. Specializing in expert plan design, administration and consulting for qualified employee benefit plans.

Working on a Plan

Working Together on Your Tax-Qualified 401(k) Plan

The success of your company 401(k) plan relies on a partnership. This partnership requires joint cooperation between your company, your client investment advisor, and our administration staff. A steady flow of communication and understanding increases the quality of our partnership.

To support this flow of communication we have included below an outline describing what each partner can do to make a plan successful. Together we provide an employee benefit, where accurate and responsive transfers of data are essential so that your employees appreciate the plan and have confidence in the professionalism and integrity of the services we jointly offer to them.

Pelion Benefits is, above all, committed to accurate and timely plan services. The time guidelines we have set forth below are unique in our profession and have made our firm foremost in expert and responsive plan administration.

The below outline describes the nature of servicing a 401(k) plan, what we need from your staff, and precisely what you can expect from our firm.

Pelion Benefits is not a law firm, and does not engage in the practice of law. IRS approved prototype plan documents are made available to clients of our firm with the direct agreement by each Plan Sponsor that all documents should be reviewed by a qualified legal or tax representative, prior to approving or signing any documents prepared by our firm for use by the Plan Sponsor.

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